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John Richmond Joins AEGIS’ Litigation Practice (Jan 6)

Please join us in welcoming John Richmond to the firm’s growing litigation practice.

New AEGIS Private Networking Group Forming (Dec 5)

With over sixty professionals participating, we’re please to announce that we’re launching an additional group this month.

Four Attorneys Join AEGIS’ Corporate Practice (Nov 1)

We are pleased to announce that Joel Green, Elizabeth Kayser, Ryan Hyde and Lori DaCosse have joined our Corporate Services practice.

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Featured Events

AEGIS Weekly Whiteboard Series  (Feb. 19)

Speaker: Elizabeth Kayser JD, Partner – AEGIS Professional Services, Founder – Kayser Short Sale Law Center

When: Thursday February 19th, 5-6pm, live and streaming online, Venture Cafe @Cambridge Innovation Center (4240 Duncan, St. Louis)

Topic: PUP – Pick Up The Phone – The Power of Your Voice! 


The importance of reviving an archaic mode of communication – Picking Up The Phone.  PUP

(The effectiveness of actual dialogue and voice memos.). 

 The paradoxical effect of technology making communication more instantaneous and abundant IS ACTUALLY making communication less efficient and less effective!  Exhausting e-mail chains, never getting results?  ANYONE RELATE.  Why wait for a meeting to find out answers/results?